Insufficient/Incomplete/Incorrect Address

Please double check your address while placing your order with us. 

Packages are disposed of by the local post office in a case of insufficient or incomplete or incorrect address. Once again these packages are "disposed of / thrown away" by the local post office and it is not returned to us and is a total loss on your and our part. 

I entered Insufficient/Incomplete/Incorrect Address by mistake, What Can I Do?

There are a few things that you can do at each step of the way. These vary depending on what stage of processing or shipping your package is in

Within 24 Hours
We provide a 24-hour time frame, especially for cases such as this. So if you realized this within this time frame, simply open a ticket right within this portal and let us know your correct address as soon as possible. 

Please use the subject line "I need to fix my address". Please do this as soon as possible as there may be a queue of tickets before we can get to yours. Our team is trained to search by this subject line at the start of each shift, so be sure to use this Subject line to ensure we can get the correct address in on time.

After 24 Hours has Passed
If 24 hours have passed, the options on what we can do become very limited as the package has already been shipped out and is in transit. At this time you can use the tracking # you have to reach out to your local post office to make an update to the address, or ask them to hold the package or simply request to deliver at the updated address. 

This solely depends on the options your local post office may offer. We are in no way associated with post offices and cannot make any promises on their behalf as to what options they might have. 

After Package is disposed
At this stage where the status changes to "Disposed" or "Returned to Sender", the package has been already disposed of by the local post office. We have gone ahead and asked a few Post Offices on why they use "Returned To Sender" status in a case where they are actually disposing of the package and we are told that some systems are backdated and do not have the "Disposed" status.  

This case is not refundable, as we used the address on file and shipped out accordingly.

However, we do offer a one-time reshipment for all our customers as a courtesy at a super discounted rate. We actually lose money on this policy, so we can only offer this one time per customer. We would love for you to try our products and this policy exists only for this sole purpose.

The Reshipment fee will be $6.95 per item that needs to get re-shipped. This price not only includes the reshipment fee. but also includes processing fees and a tiny portion of the cost of goods as we have to process and ship out each of the items all over again.